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Bushel is a service designed for those who need help to get the garden of their dreams. Whether it is help getting started, some help when things get busy, or a complete solution, Bushel has someone to help you.

Step 1

Fill out a profile and pick garden package

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Step 2

A Bushel gardener will come visit and finalize placement and details

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Step 3

Bushel builds your garden!

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Next steps

Bushel can care for your garden, harvest it, and clean it up in the fall!

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Step 1

Fill out a profile and register your garden on the platform (free!)

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Step 2

Tell us how we can help (growth or pest issues, going on vacation, take over maintenance for rest of season)

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Step 3

A Bushel gardener will visit and begin caring for your garden!

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Put your land to work


Have a garden to fill your senses


Support your local gardener

Simple hourly rate to help you budget

Bushel Gardener

$30 / hour
  • Verified volunteer or career experience in horticulture
  • Has own tools
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Bushel offers the talents of a skilled gardener at better cost than professional landscapers for those who don't have the time to garden their own spaces.

While no one can guarantee yields, we can guarantee your gardener will be a talented, experienced individual who is passionate about making your garden dream a reality, down to the taste of the tomato.


Your safety is number one. We realize you are letting someone onto your property regularly often when you are not there. We have your back.

Background checks, gardener ratings, and new gardener interviews are all designed to weed out people who don't have much gardening experience or who can't clearly demonstrate that they can be trusted.


Do not hesitate to drop us a couple of lines. 24/7 support guaranteed.

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